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PRI Voice Channels

Flexible Voice Services for Your Enterprising Business

DataConnex’s PRI (Primary Rate Interface) services provide a wide range of flexibility to meet the needs of your changing business. Take advantage of a dedicated, scalable service that supports multiple trunk and call types and provides measured and allowance calling plans designed to fit your calling patterns.
DataConnex’s PRI services replace traditional phone lines or Direct Inward Dial/Direct Outward Dial trunk groups and provide a wide range of features and capabilities. Instead of paying expensive individual line fees, our PRI service connects phone numbers to dedicated voice channels. Plus, you can bundle our PRI voice services with an additional TI or Ethernet-based data circuit to provide Internet or MPLS service.
Enjoy secure, configurable, and cost-effective voice communications backed by our Service Level Agreement. Affordable usage based, allowance and unlimited calling plans are available. Select the plan that best meets your needs and fits your budget.


A DataConnex PRI trunk supplies you with up to 24 voice lines at a much lower cost than purchasing individual lines from your local phone company.

Faster, Easier Call Routing

Your business gets a virtually unlimited number of direct inward dial phone numbers with our PRI trunk service, eliminating the need for calls to be filtered through a receptionist or a menu.

Uptime, Guaranteed

Our leading Edge IP Based network delivers a guaranteed 4-hour committed response time and a 99.9% network availability guarantee.

24/7 Remote Monitoring

Our state-of-the-art monitoring capabilities allow us to resolve most network problems without interrupting your service—most problems are resolved before you even notice them.

Support for Multiple Trunk Groups and Call Types

We support multiple trunk groups, including DOD, DDCO, DID, and DID/DOD, and a wide variety of call types, including N11, E911 (where available), originating 8XX, 1010XXX calling, and 0 access to the local operator.


• Auto Attendant
• Caller ID
• Call Redirect
• Conferencing calling services
• Direct inward dial phone numbers
• Dynamic IP Service
• Load Balancing
• Local Phone Service
• Toll-free numbers
• Voicemail