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MPLS Circuits (Metro Ethernet and T1)

Security and Disaster Recovery

MPLS provides private and secure IP routing between your locations for your voice, data and video requirements.  Ideal for the distributed enterprise, our seamless Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) network increases overall company productivity and improves business efficiencies. Customers use their secure networks to run applications for better visibility across their organizations and to adapt more quickly. Industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure performance for the largest blended data access footprint in the United States.

Data Center Connect

Delivers a primary and “protect” path between the MPLS core and the data center which provides a higher level of service redundancy to access mission-critical applications and services. Burst up to two times the Data Center Connect port speed when your applications need more bandwidth to ensure optimized performance. Enables fast turn up of IT Services.  DataConnex MPLS is an ideal solution for the distributed enterprise to run voice, video and data applications between their locations for better security, performance and visibility.  DataConnex MPLS allows you to choose from a variety of access types to design a private network that provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. MPLS is easily scalable to support business growth and highly secure to meet industry compliance.

DataConnex MPLS network solutions provide an economical and flexible alternative to frame relay, private line, or site-to site tunnels and are easy to manage and maintain. DataConnex MPLS allows you to choose the access method that’s right for each location, including Ethernet, T1, DSL, DS3, Wireless Data and IPsec.

Private, Fast and Flexible

DataConnex MPLS utilizes a private MPLS backbone to transfer data between customer locations. This method keeps all IP packets from the same session associated with one another while in transit, which increases the speed of network traffic flow, enables traffic prioritization, reduces transit delays and improves network efficiency.

Security and Disaster Recovery

Security, performance and cost effective is the winning combination for networks today. DataConnex MPLS provides private and secure IP routing between your locations with security equivalent to that seen with Frame Relay or ATM networks. MPLS provides traffic separation between end users using unique route distinguishers that are transparent to end users, keeping your information segregated and private as it traverses the network. And because the DataConnex MPLS network is not directly connected to the Internet, public IP security threats are  eliminated, making MPLS ideal for supporting HIPAA and PCI-compliant networks. MPLS’s meshed architecture allows companies to mirror applications and network services at other locations, providing backup capabilities in the event a main site goes down. The rerouting function inherent in MPLS eliminates the need for reconfiguring customer edge devices, allowing remote locations to automatically communicate with the backup location. MPLS-based networks are access agnostic, enabling redundant access methods as well. This means that you could choose a T1 for your primary network, for example, and DSL or wireless for your backup network.